Water´s Movement
Environmental and Hydrodynamics Modelling
Mathematical modelling of complex water systems both in coast and continental areas
Sustainable Drainage
Sustainable drainage focuses on represent natural functioning of watershed, seeking to reduce urbanization impacts on water systems
Flood Control Project
AquaFluxus develops hydraulic engineering projects to reduce risks and impacts of fluvial floods


We design flood control and drainage systems projects with less risks, bigger precision and more sustainable. 


Hydrologic-Hydrodynamic Modelling Studies; Sustainable Drainage Projects; Flood Studies.


We use mathematical models developed at UFRJ and seek to embody the concepts of sustainability in our drainage project.


Computational Hydraulic Lab COPPE/UFRJ; COPPE Business Incubators; ECCO Reuse.

How Can We Help?

AquaFluxus is constantly searching for the recognition of water value in both natural and constructed environments within the concepts of sustainability. We offer through our services a wider safety to enterprises near flood risk areas. Besides the benefits such as reducing expenses with oversized construction protection, we also turn your enterprise unique by embodying sustainable concepts.


Environmental sustainable concepts


Mathematical modelling for efficient design


Flood control for the safety of your enterprise


Real concern about water in both natural and constructed environments

Products & Services –


Starting from 1 rain scenario to be previously determined and with the assistance of a hydrodynamic modelling computer system, developed at COPPE/UFRJ, it is possible to determine, with high precision, the safety quota for enterprises built near rivers and lakes.


With the same hydrodynamic modelling system, it is possible to make one diagnosis for two previously  determined rain scenarios and present one solution to reduce flood risks in the enterprise. Furthermore it also can be evaluated the project impacts in near water systems and in drainage system itself. The project will be developed within the concepts of sustainable drainage, aiming the reduction of  both the risk of uncontrolled flood in the drainage system and the costs of long term.


As an world trend, Rio de Janeiro city obliges enterprises with over 500m² of constructed area to install detention tanks according to Law 23.940/2004. The project includes the tank´s design in new constructions or from an already existing drainage project.


Elaborated from sustainable drainage concepts, this project includes the drainage system as a whole, foreseeing technical solutions as detention tanks, infiltration devices, capture and exploitation of rain water, green roofs and others.


One of the cheapest measures of preventing consequent damages from floods is by mapping them and defining the risks of flooding on different points of the watershed. AquaFluxus builds these maps from mathematical modelling responses which gives them high precision results.

Projects –

Hidrologycal and Hydrodynamic Study to calculate flood security quota for enterprises

The study establishes the landfill quota, which is the minimum level that the ground must have in order to build and enterprise, concerning flooding risks. The main objective of defining this quota is to assure protection against fluvial floods. Hence, the minimum quota needs to be equal or above the maximum quota of water in the river during a flood associated to a 50 years recurrence interval storm.

Hydrological Study to define the flood river flows in a project of Macaé-Campos channel close to a new port implementation

Technical Consulting to elaborate hydrological studies in the water basin of Macaé-Campos channel as demanded by Masterplan company in order to estimate flows of floods in the channel, considering storms with different recurrence intervals. The results were used to support part of the environmental licensing alongside the Environmental Agency of Rio de Janeiro.

Guandu River Channel Deviation Project

CEDAE foresees the construction of a dam to protect the water abstraction of CEDAE in the Guandu River. This dam will prevent that the polluted waters from watershed of Poços/Queimados and Ipiranga/Cabuçu rivers compromise the water quality for the water treatment station of Guandu. Nonetheless, in an Environmental Impact Study elaborated by AGRAR, it was noticed that the possible consequences of implementing the project in lagoons water level would also impair the quality of the water due to the communication interruption between the lagoons and Guandu river.
This scenario could create a large swamp area during drought periods with poor environmental conditions. The solution presented was to construct a Channel linking the Guandu river with the lagoons, assuring a controlled water supply to the lagoons during droughts. AquaFluxus has elaborated the hydraulic design of this Channel.

Hydrologic - Hydrodynamic Study to define the security quota and flood control project. Duque de Caxias, RJ

Study made to diagnose the impact on installing an enterprise in a floodable area over local water system and a flood control project to diminish the impact and reduce the costs of implementing the enterprise. AquaFluxus designed a flood control project to assure hydraulic safety against the flood of nearby rivers and how to reduce the costs concerning the landfill needs. It was suggested to install a “polder” made to simultaneously avoid that the waters of nearby rivers reached the enterprise and that storm water was retained in a reservoir, retarding discharge of surface water generated at impervious surfaces of enterprises in the river system.

Flood Study at the Integrated Action Perimeter Tiquatara 2, basin of Ponte Rasa stream, São Paulo

This Study includes hydrologic and hydrodynamic aspects straightly directed with flooding events, comprehending current diagnosis of local macrodrainage and indicating possible actions for managing flood risks areas, considering urban planning by the ARCHE Consulting Office, Planning and Projects the Contest called Renova Sp for the Urban Requalification and Social Interest Housing. The results defined the hydrodynamic pattern of Ponte Rasa Stream basin, during times of intense rains, pointing out the places with bigger flood risks and possible interventions for mitigating these risks.

– About AquaFluxus –


AquaFluxus is a company specialized in developing sustainable drainage projects with the assistance of hydrological and hydrodynamic modelling tools in rivers and lakes made at COPPE/UFRJ.
We have an unique relationship with the Hydrology and Computational Hydraulics Labs of COPPE/UFRJ based under a technical-scientific cooperation agreement. Furthermore, we are currently located at the UFRJ Science Park, one of the biggest and most complete innovation and entrepreneurship poles in Brazil.
AquaFluxus also counts with the support of a broad team of professors that are specialized in the acting area of the company.


Harmonize, in a simple and practical way, the relation of water between natural and constructed environments.


Intensify our presence in the national market of water resources and sanitation by increasing 3 times our current production until 2020.


Our values are focused in ethics, quality, social and environmental commitment.

Clients –

AquaFluxus has already developed projects for the following clients:

Testimonials –

  • "AquaFluxus is a company that fulfills our  demands with quality, precision and always within the deadline. They are more than a service provider, they´re partners worried in offering the best techniques and always ready to atend us. Undoubtedly, AquaFluxus is a company that preaches for professionalism and respect to their clients."

  • "Working with AquaFluxus was a very gratifying experience. The enthusiasm of his team and especially the attitude "let me solve it" gave me hope not to give up and move on, at a time when everything seemed to go against the Project Mudar. AquaFluxus was able to develop a technically correct project (and this is obligation; part of professional ethics) that also solved our client´s operational and economic problem (they did this applying theory in "the real world"). I wish lots of success to AquaFluxus and their bright team and hope to work together with them in future projects."

    Fabio Sartori DIRECTOR / MUDAR

Partnership –

AquaFluxus has a technical-scientific cooperation agreement with COPPE/UFRJ and an great partnership with the Hydrology and Computational Hydraulics Labs of COPPE/UFRJ. We also have a partnership with the UFRJ Science Park, one of the biggest and most complete innovation and entrepreneurship poles in Brazil.


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